Multimedia Messaging

Most modern mobile phones support receiving and sending multimedia messages, and mms (Multimedia Messaging Service, that is, multimedia messaging service) – one of the most up to date services offered cellular operators. This technology allows you to send and receive not only a short text, but also very different multimedia content: ringtones, graphics (such as images for cellular), voice recording, videos mms operates on the basis of gprs and requires special wiring and setup. Of course, most user-friendly option is the automatic activation of mms and GPRS-WAP, which offer their subscribers to certain operators. However, manual configuration of these services is not difficult if you follow the instructions that provide the GSM-operators. The maximum amount of communication that includes, for example, pictures for cellular or other multimedia content, determined by the operator. More often allowed to send mms no more than 95 kb. But this framework, as well as higher, compared to sms, the cost of sending does not reduce the popularity of this service among the users.

Moreover, according to research, the number of subscribers actively using multimedia messaging, each month increased by about 10 percent, is also growing and the volume of traffic is per subscriber. mms capabilities are very broad: in addition to receiving and transmitting multimedia content, the technology allows the use of various information and business services based on mms, as well as mass entertainment services, such as MMS-IM, MMS-Games, MMS-dating, etc. However, most mms messages are used for the ordinary exchange of letters, whose volume is too large for sms, and transmission of pictures or photos taken with the built-in device camera. A large number of mmc is normally sent on the eve of holidays, this is due to the fact that MMS-ka – a wonderful way to congratulate on the holiday, and a beautiful picture for a cell, accompanied by warm words, a pleasant melody or voice recording – a good way to express their feelings. The main element of the mmc is correctly chosen to fit the image. Download images of any desired size – now it is easy, In addition, you can use a special service, located on the site, his text on the picture, you can select from a variety of ready-made greeting images for cell and then use the easy interface insert your own text directly into the selected picture – get a real festive little card, in addition, sufficiently compressed (ie, having low weight), especially for sending via mms.