Municipal Council

To come together to the dialogue To this aspect the questions of Daniela Castro and the town councillor of Tortel Griselda came together Vantage point. The first envelope what to make to decompress the existing antagonism today between the different actors who participate in the debate on the hydroelectric ones and second on the intervention which it realises HidroAysn in his locality, in its opinion happening to take a decision that took the Municipal Council from not receiving contributions of companies in evaluation. ” The first step always has been to recognize that history of relations. Sincerar it. And in future, if there is a sincere disposition to the dialogue, one is due to deal with to have a discussion, to negotiate, to reach agreements there on the base to put interests on the table not posiciones” it indicated Massai, recognizing that most difficult always it is to put together relations when have been a history of mix-ups and distrusts. Along with exhibitions and the debate, that all the participants agreed is necessary to continue deepening not only concerning the Region of Aysn but of the country, exhibited several spots on the protection of the water that the students of the race of Audio-visual Communication of the Duoc-UC of Santiago produced in 2009.

Simultaneously the Patagonicadub work appeared, electronic audio-visual creation that releases the beauties of the Patagonia. On the reasons to realise an encounter of this nature the coordinator of the Coalition ARV, Peter Hartmann, explained that ” the idea arose more ago from a year, seeing that they were passing things quite strange. It had to char them, interventions on enterprise social responsibility organized by companies, and one said that will be enterprise social responsibility, will be the socially responsible companies? We were seeing the intervention of the hydroelectric companies in the region, with these benefits to the community, with agreements with the municipalities, quite questionable things sometimes “. It concluded Hartmann indicating that ” we need more conceptual and philosophical bases on the subject. And in that it is a great support to know which are the ethical foundations on which we are basing ours desarrollo”. For him, this seminary went a contribution more to this open discussion.