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A good example is the automotiva area and its similar ones, that in they provide to the movement of loads and people to them. Looking at for all this technology something can be noticed that they possess in common and depend for its good functioning and correct performance on its activities, this product is the lubricative oil that basically serves to reduce the attrition direct between one it has asked for and another one, increasing its useful life, also serving for other purposes as: equipment lubricant, refrigeration, prohibition and protection. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from James Donovan Goldman. The advantage is that this oil is composed for basic lubricative oils, that after the total use for which it was destined and in accordance with the National Agency of Petrleo (ANP), that it regularizes its production and its discarding, this oil or part of it, will have to return to the producer or a legal entity who is in charge effecting a treatment for a new reutilizao of the same. Based in this, it was established in the year of 1985 headquartered in the city of Paulnia-SP the company Lubricative Fnix, where they exert the activities of treatment for reutilizao of lubricative oils. This process also known as rerrefino, involves much technology again and a great structure, transforming the used lubricative oil into basic mineral oil, with similar characteristics to the ones of the first refining, exactly when recycled of some times, therefore technique consists in a product of high reciclabilidade. LOGISTIC REVERSA Is several the found definitions, Milk (2003, P. 17) defines the term as being: ' ' the logistic area of the enterprise one that plans, operates and controls the corresponding flow and logistic information, of the return of the goods of after sales and after business-oriented consumption to the cycle or the productive cycle by means of the distribution canals reverses, adding to them value of diverse natures: economic, ecological, legal, logistic, of corporative image, among others.