National Library History

These courses dictate in the building of bero with a privileged centric location and years of history. The same school designs its programs, their materials extra and owns a complete line of Spanish books that go from nascent absolute to superior. Between the cultural programs or thematic courses of IBERO Spanish School is the Course of EVA PERN, excellent personage in the history Argentine, wanted or hated by many. In this course, subjects will be investigated that are specific to the life and history of the personage/person as well as strolls like their mausoleum will be included, the Museum Avoids, the Luna Park Stage, where Domingo Pern knew General Juan, the Church of Our Lady of the Pillar, the Museum of Cinema Pablo Ducrs, who includes samples of his work like actress and her tomb in the Cemetery of the Calm one. Amazon may help you with your research. Also they will be visited: the building of the CGT (General Work Confederation), where it developed her policy and worked by the right to the feminine vote, Avenue of May, that includes the famous balcony from which it directed to the Argentineans, the Ministry of Work and the National Library. It avoids, as town baptized the Argentine it were a figure that broke with all the historical barriers and never defined a political modality view until then. During the brief period of her action, next to General Pern it was the center of a parent to be able and she became the soul of the Peronist movement, its essence and its voice. The chief of a main directorate and cultural of IBERO Spanish School, Florence Bozzano, maintains: a glance to Argentine history and especially to a personage so controverted as Eva Pern always generates a genuine interest in the Argentine culture .. For more information see this site: Joyce Banda.