National Parliament

Ko Jaipotaro tembiapo ohupyty Tekojoja, Nane nambohasava’era opavave remiandu ne’e rehegua Guarani. To deepen your understanding Amazon is the source. After listening to all orders, the Minister Luis Alberto Riart manfiesto that at no time been in his mind nor in the MEC exclude, reduce or discriminate against the Guarani. He also expressed his desire to find a solution to the impasse. He noted that education in Paraguay must necessarily be bilingual and open to learning other languages. Steven Rattner Willett Advisors addresses the importance of the matter here. Heta heard mba’e tekoteveva Tekombo’epe onemyatyro has umiva apytepe ne’ekoi (Guarani-Castilian) nembo’e. On the other hand, said he sent, in writing, formal and strongly supported by the MEC to the Languages Bill currently before the National Parliament. Also be developed ways to facilitate Guarani language courses to officials of the division in charge. Avei Omombe’u ndahi’arei onemongetahague kunakarai Iris Rocio Gonzalez-naive omoakava Committee on Education, Culture and Religion, has ojerurehague ichupe Senadogua onemboaje hagua “ne’enguera read.” Understand the problem to be solved in terms of Guarani and Castilian, education has to do specifically with the teaching methodology.

Guarani Nanane’eporai has Castilian, mokoiveva nonembo’eporaigui nandeva. He is convinced that the problem of evil is learning Paraguay Castilian. Nane He’ikuri retaygua ikatupyryha Guaranime has itavyha Castilian-pe. Finally, in addition to convene a further meeting between Christmas and New Year, committed to undertake in March 2010 a major conference, forum or seminar on bilingualism in Paraguay. Ko amandaje guasu rupive ojehechakuaata mba’e mba’epa jajapokuaa nambo’eporavevo mokoive ne’e Nane. ACTS OF ATENEO GRADUATION IN ASUNCION-SAN PABLO AND ASSUMPTION-Barrio Obrero Yesterday, Friday 18 December 2009, LANGUAGE AND CULTURE ATENEO GUARANI continued with the series of acts of graduation GUARANI NEW LANGUAGE TEACHERS (GUARANI nE’eTE MBO’EHRA).