Necessary Feedback In Linkedin

Linkedin is the social network dedicated to more important professionals. With his 135 million users it has been able to become an ideal niche so that labor relations arise, professional contacts Although, in spite of its might, and after six months in stock market its quote has descended a 40%, from the 122 dollars by action (its maximum) has descended to almost half (72 dollars by action). Prices, probably, more logical that first. In any case, it says what quote says his stock-exchange, and concerning users (that on the other hand is what it interests to us), Linkedin holds its dominant position within the social networks directed to professionals of any class. What makes fundamental that we are in her. Abrir a profile in Linkedin is not more complicated than abrir it in Facebook or Twitter, although the data that there are to give are different. Each one of the mentioned social networks have different niches and functions reason why it is natural that what solicits they differ (although Facebook seems to want to include all the fields and to become in unique the existing one). Once abierto the profile, as usuary most interesting it is to generate feedback with the rest of the members of Linkedin.

Clearly, not with anyone, but with which we created that they can interest to us. For that, first it is to know our interests, knowledge why we have abierto an account. Most probable it is than we want contacts related to our heading, with our professional branch. Or, then we will have to look for users who agree with us in their work or professional interest. Also he is interesting to score at events and to try to be up-to-date than it happens, as they would say some, than cooks between the professionals of our heading. On the other hand, Linkedin also is a very good tool so that the companies look for workers, ask for curricula So we must take care of much our profile, because that will be our letter of presentation. We must have updated it, with all the excellent information that we pruned to connect (if it interests to find a job to me computer science as gives just as it does three years it would be working like waiter). In any case, in the end the one is the own user that it must determine what data and information agree more to add to him in their profile.