New Technologies

Our solar system with planets motes for them simply is not interesting. Anyway if they would want to use solar energy to create, for example, "Dyson spheres", or turn our gas giants in supercomputers. And once again it is worth noting, if the contact takes place, our efforts are somehow influence the course of events would have no success. If they want to take anything, they will take. 4.

Human civilization has absolutely nothing to suggest an extraterrestrial civilization. What if an extraterrestrial civilization needs not our resources. Maybe they need something technological or cultural? But what could it be? What we are clever and resourceful people who can offer a civilization that can perform, say, 10 to 42 extent of operations per second? I think that this may be iPads. Yes exactly iPads. Or maybe the yogurt! 5. trends of biological evolution. Another stated argument suggests that we can not know the behavior and motivation extraterrestrial intelligence, so we must exercise extreme caution. Rightly so.

But the argument goes too far in the assumption that extraterrestrial civilizations will act in accordance with their biological origin. For example, mankind evolved from apes, and extraterrestrial intelligence can evolve from harmful insects or predatory dinosaurs. I am impressed with this argument. Trends in the development of human history, not were due to psychological and atavistic tendencies, but things like technological progress, lack of resources, economy, politics and many other factors. Yes, human psychology, no doubt, played its role in the transition from jungle to civilization (such as human qualities, intellectual curiosity and sympathy), but this role is too insignificant factor, which eventually fades into the background, before arising technological, demographic and socio-political realities. In addition, advanced civilizations are likely to have similarities to the specific nuances of survival, which resulted in the development of reason, just will not places for maneuver of all possible kinds. In other words, civilization, such as "insectoid" will almost certainly identical to the civilization of the kind of monkeys. Send messages into space, or do not do this, do not make any difference because in all likelihood no one will listen. If I'm wrong, it still does not matter if we find extraterrestrial life, she will treat us in accordance with their will. George Dvorsky, a board member of the Institute for Ethics and New Technologies.