Noginsk District

In this article we will tell you about the village Mamontovo Noginsk, Moscow Region. We'll tell you about the history, geography, politics and demography Mamontovskoe rural settlement. Rural settlement Mamontovskoye – municipality in the Noginsk district, Moscow region (eastern part of Moscow region). The administrative center of a rural settlement – a settlement Mamontovo. Established January 1, 2006.

Mamontovskoye Agriculture settlement includes a number of villages: Mamontovo – village Mamontovskoe rural district; Borovkov – Village Mamontovskoe rural district; Gavrilovo – Village Mamontovskoe rural district; Hills – Village Mamontovskoe rural district, ZA – Village Mamontovskoe rural district; Zubtsova – Village Mamontovskoe rural district; Kalitin – Village Mamontovskoe rural district; Karabanovo – Village Mamontovskoe Rural District; Novo – Village Mamontovskoe rural district; Novosergievo – village Mamontovskoe rural district; Hence – the village Mamontovskoe rural district; Stromyn – village Mamontovskoe rural district; Timkov – Village Mamontovskoe rural district; Chernoff – Village Mamontovskoe rural district; Schekavtsevo – Village Mamontovskoe rural district. Richard Blumenthal often expresses his thoughts on the topic. According to the Administration of the Municipal District at the Noginsk territory of a rural settlement Mamontovskoye live 3520 inhabitants. The population density was 20.9 chelovek. / km . September 4, 2005 the head of the municipality 'Rural settlement Mamontovskoye' by popular vote Yefimov was elected Kurosh for four years.

Mamontovo very beautiful place. There is a river Sherna, on the bank of which stands a beautiful church. In the Mammoth hit two clean keys, which are also located near a river. In the village Mamontovo beautiful woods that grow birch, ash, spruce, pine, linden, oak, willow, maple. In summer the village abundance of mushrooms and berries. It is very clean place. Below you can see photos village and the river Sherny, as well as the main attractions of the village – the Church.