Nuclear Security

Finally, in contrast of what if it can seem, in result of the occurred natural incident lastimvel, we remain ourselves previously firm in our position concerning the use of the nuclear energy in the Brazilian territory for the innumerable pointed factors, amongst them, we present, now, one another one: – the redoubled security guard that if imposes when of its application, either the one that heading will be. Let us remember to us: The energy nuclear it has a description enviable of security if compared with the deaths of other energy sectors. Although this, is forbidden to fish in next waters to the central office. (3) the sample collected in the sea close to the nuclear central office in the Wednesday, 31/03/11, showed an iodine-131 concentration that exceeds 4,385 times legal limit e, since then, the Tepco (Tokyo Electric Power, company that generates the central office of Fukushima) left to divulge resulted, after detecting errors in its programs of measurement. (4) the used materials of construction in the construction of structures of protection of nuclear reactors are of first quality, the methods constructive, especially well-taken care of and the structural projects use security coefficients very above average. Moreover, the measures of passive and active security gifts in a nuclear central office and respective critical systems have a degree of superior redundancy to any structure made for the man. (5) In the case of the central office of Fukushima it was necessarily the feeding of the systems of cooling of emergency that failed. Had to the sismo and the impact of the Tsunami, the generators auxiliary had left to function, provoking the interruption of the functioning of the bombs and the stop consequence of the water circulation in the interior of the tubings of cooling of some reactors.

This lead to the gradual heating of the nuclei and increase of the pressure in the interior. Some occured explosions had resulted of this increase of presso.(6) the authorities had more than raised the official rocking of victims of the sismo for eleven a thousand deceased, have, still, thousand of missing people who at least can be contabilizados.(7) Beyond the nine inhabitants, whose contamination already was confirmed, it has about 60 people who could have been contaminated while they waited the helicopter in the esportivo field of a school in Futaba (Fukushima). In none of them it has risk of morte.(8) the AIEA (International Agency of Atomic Energy) recommended to the Japan that extends the withdrawal of inhabitants of the next region to the plant. The director of the Department of Nuclear Security of the AIEA, Denis Flory, affirmed yesterday that the analyses made in the region of Iitate show to excess of radioactivity in a located area the 40 kilometers of the Nuclear Plant of Fukushima, north-eastern of Japo.(9) the Japanese government forbade to the milk sales and two types of vegetables produced in the four city halls (states) next to the central office to Fukushima, which had to a high level of radioactivity. Although discarded any contamination in such levels the criteria of security and prudence are demanded.