Otto Prussian

True, and further self-education is not neglected – ODL-Lele works of the great philosophers, and carried away by the English literature, and that subsequently he was very helpful. Policy he discovered thirty years and gave himself a new hobby with the same passion with which earlier was given to revelry and love affairs. Further, as they say, is history. This story had everything – even the acquaintance with Russia. When the gap in views between Prussian court and novice politician, Bismarck became a non-avoidable, the king decided to sent away him away, at that time meant – to travel to Russia. There, the Prussian ambassador, and the future German chancellor, started a friendship with the Chancellor Russia – Prince Gorchakov. And also something that I learned and understood the policy and the people who inhabited the mysterious northern power: 'You can not beat the people who eat ice cream in the winter.

" Then there was the diplomatic activity in Paris and in 1862 Otto von Bis-mark led the Prussian government. And the first thing declared war – but not the neighbors, and its own parliament, while the majority of whom were there-beraly. Bismarck herself is considered to militant Conservatives, therefore, said that from now on 'the great questions of time will be decided not by speeches and resolutions but by blood and iron'. No wonder his nickname 'iron': if this machine starts to move to the target, to stop it It was impossible. He suppressed the opposition, co-crushing (or cheated) external enemies, stubbornly bent his line on the optical diplomatic fronts.