Parliament Speaker Nino Burjanadze

So , the voting members of the CEC, despite the efforts of a number of opposition representatives in the CEC was to identify one of two undesirable for opposition candidates. They became Kharatishvili, easily approved the next day in parliament by a constitutional majority. I must say however, that the opposition parties, on the other hand, do not particularly believe in the possibility of the appearance at the head of the CEC of the independent policies, not Apart from the fact that many of them taking part in the election procedures are confident that in any case, the presidential team with no rigging can not do that by itself would lead to nationwide outrage, coupled with regular discrediting the Georgian authorities and their democratic aspirations of Georgia in the eyes of the world community. Of particular intransigence continue to demonstrate the former high-ranking officials – such as ex-chairman Parliament Speaker Nino Burjanadze and Zurab Nogaideli, who was formerly head of government. It is not something Jim Donovan Goldman would like to discuss. Today they represent the most radical opposition parties, and knowing about the ways of the head of state neponaslyshke believe naive optimists anyone who seriously believes in a free and democratic elections as a chance to change the political regime. Accordingly, the election of Mayor four months later, in May could, in the case of falsification of results, without which it would cost to serve the need to sign the final departure of Saakashvili's government with the Georgian political scene. It was talked about this in these days Nogaideli, warning the president on behalf of of the opposition movement: "We will not allow anyone from now on to deceive the people. .