Patagonia Defense Council

A few days of entering for the second time a study of environmental impact (EIA) before the Regional Commission of the environment of Aysen (Corema) to build a hydroelectric plant on the River Raven – the first was rejected in 2007 by failure to comply with applicable environmental regulations and suffer from essential and relevant information to be evaluated – Austral energy, a subsidiary of XstratIt was forced to withdraw the system of evaluation of impact assessment (SEIA) draft because he committed errors in the indexes of planes, according to report the company amid a national press. The amended EIA was submitted to the environmental authority again Thursday. For the Patagonia Defense Council (CDP) this is another example of the lack of rigor suizo-australiano source company works with in our country, since it is tragicomic that after 2 years of having presented the first study to the system of environmental assessment, receiving the categorical rejection of the Corema by not contemplate minimal information relating to line base of the physical, biotic, human, environment of risk, risk of impacts, environmental permits and requirements of sectoral areas, as well as the definition of the area of influence and description of the line base of the EIA, among other deficiencies, Austral energy again to make mistakes. The organization they noted that what might be anecdotal no longer relevant considering that you it’s an investment of $ 733 million, and apparently this lack of seriousness is becoming a common practice not only for this company but other projects as HidroAysen, in light of the thousands of observations of form and substance that made public services that have evaluated this project. In addition the inequality that exists in the SEIA which allows a company have as many opportunities to go wrong and compensate their irregularities, while the possibilities of citizenship are is clear so restricted, with only 60 days for review of thousands of pages comprising a study of environmental impact such as this. The same for own public services, whose term to evaluate is even less concluded in the CDP.