Peruvian Political Constitution

I.e. when a pool contract is concluded it is clear that there is no way to enforce the agreement when the problem comes to the courts, and inside especially Americans, that creates an injustice, in which rewards non-compliance and the fulfilment of the contract or agreement, is not encouraged therefore it is clear that in case of regulating it must be carefulnot to fall into injustice, putting on record that the Peruvian Political Constitution of 1993 protects contracts, which by the way is a novelty in Peruvian constitutional positive law. The pool is not a legal but economic term accordingly to understand it and study it must not consult law books or books legal but economics books, which a knowledge of this branch of human knowledge as it is by the way the economy in a market increasingly more competitive in the way that the researcher has greater elements of judgment in his research, which by the way not only can be legal in these issues but also economic or accounting, which by the way are scarce in the same, by which should be encouraged to learn more about referrals. 16 Holding company the holding company is a company which owns shares in other companies, thus validly can also be applied to shares in divided societies, as they are mainly commercial companies of limited liability. For example when there are fifteen societies and society 16, being the latter owns shares or shares of the other fifteen societies. We must also place on record that the holding company can be applied not only to companies but also to cooperatives, limited liability individual undertakings, communal companies, among others. By which the right It must be attentive to recent advances in human knowledge to regulate cases or cases with justice in a market increasingly more competitive as it is by the way the Peruvian market.