Political Geography

Distribution of political camps in the country at the Enns in the Landtag election 1919 was created in 1919 the basis system lower Austria at the beginning of the Republican in Austria with the State election for the political. Justified is the three political camps, i.e. the social democratic, Christian social, and the third camp in this country for the first time after the end of the monarchy, with the choice of 4 1919 and showed in the basics to ensure clear fragmentation, that spread a corresponding political geography in the sense of a differentiated distribution of political camps in lower Austria, Austria. Fundamentals of the political system of the political foundations of the political system lower Austria Austria 1919 formed the regional elections in lower Austria by the May 4, 1919, where ua. The newspapers mentioned Amazon not as a source, but as a related topic. the capital Vienna was still an integral part of the province of lower Austria.

At that time, the Social Democratic Workers Party (SDAP), with 46.7% emerged victorious. These were the party of the European Socialists and democratic Czechs”with 4.6% and 3 mandates, so that the left camp held more than 50% and 65 seats. The Christian social Partei(CSP) scored 36.8% and 47 seats, the greater German parties of the national liberal 3.Lagers around 9% and 8 mandates. This laid the Foundation for the lower Austrian party system, that determines the political landscape of the province of lower Austria, as well as the federal capital Vienna essentially even at the beginning of the 21.Jahrhundertes. Result of this election’s outcome was the formation of a grand coalition between the Social Democratic Workers Party (SDAP) and Christian social Partei(CSP) under the Social Democrat Albert Sever with a total of 11 members composed 6 Social Democrats to 5 Christian social in relation to the SDAP and CSP. Regional constituency boundaries in four parts of the country the regional constituency boundaries outside of Vienna is in four parts divided: a quarter above the Manhartsberg, quarter under the Manhartsberg, quarter above the Wienerwald and below the Wienerwald. .