All politicians are worried about camera that can suck, but we have neither seen or will see the image of Francisco Camps anesthetized and camilla. See more detailed opinions by reading what Richard Blumenthal offers on the topic.. And it is that not all images are equal. You may wish to learn more. If so, James Donovan Goldman Sachs is the place to go. To succeed, a politician can be fat or skinny, handsome or ugly, man or woman, who gives the same. The only thing that is required is to cause the empathy of the elector. And clear, a candidate Lich and prostrating, as it would display that photo of the President, can arouse piety, solidarity and even sympathy, but is unconsciously associated with defeat.

And that, never for jamases them. There is, however, a singular political animal, Esperanza Aguirre, who like grab the bull by the horns. In the heard of the case Gurtel grabbed his counselor Lopez Viejo and others involved and put them of Paws on the street. With equal firmness, recently said I have cancer and went to operate as if such a thing. Is not the same, of course, say I have a costume, which is the greatest evil that afflicts our President for two years, Although paid out-of-pocket, with the official silence on the matter resulting clamorous. That’s also image, obviously. And politicians and their advisers take care up to the smallest detail. For example, the Francois Mitterrand deceased lost two elections to the Presidency of France before they limaran their vampiric fangs: never will win someone whom his countrymen created that you going to suck blood, said one of his advisers.

Look bad is not the same as being ugly. There are ugly that fall well personnel, from Jordi Pujol Perez Rubalcaba, passing by the undefeated Carlos Fabra. Nor women need to possess a standard beauty. Here we have to Rita Barbera, who has won all his races, in contrast to Trinidad Jimenez, who has lost all elections. Posts to find defects to the defeated, always hindsight, clear, sedicentes experts may argue that looks to Amadeu Sanchis too pale, too sallow Jorge Alarte or Joan Calabuig too moreno. Paparruchas. In United States there has been no candidate darker than Barack Obama and there you have him President of the country. The real handicap, in this society devoted to the cult of youth, is age. Unlike other places, here, as soon as a politician comes to the best 50 engaged a maid: who is it ask, if not, Joan Lerma, President of the Generalitat at age 31 and in the reserve from the 46. For the only thing at that age doesn’t seem to have importance, look at where, is to direct the youth wing of a party. Offer the paradigm the new generations of the PP, led nationally by Nacho Uriarte, 30 years, and in the community by the active and intelligent Veronica Marcos, 34. But make no mistake: not everything what counts is the image. In our country, though created in the laboratory a perfect candidate, without a victorious acronyms behind crude oil would it. Why, according to a politicologo, the PP will win elections but put at the head of their lists to the horse of Caligula. And it may have reason.