Politicians and Ecology

Concerned as they are to save the economy of the great capital, the world’s politicians are forgetting of the two most important issues for the future of our young people: Ecology and education. Our argument is simple: worry of the future is worrying about the environment. Worry about the education of young people is worrying about its future. Therefore, if our politicians are despreocupan of the environment and education, our young people are disregarding the future, and the future are. We will list a series of facts that reaffirm our argument:-the previous Government of the United States.UU exempted British Petroleum have an emergency plan in the event that the Deepwater Horizon platform that would cause a spill. The current Government has not changed the old regulations and disasters are visible to everyone. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Amazon.

-In Spain the main opposition party has refused to a Pact in education necessary for prevent national educational deterioration. They have preferred to look at the polls that ally with other parties to move forward with a pact that seems more logical. -By across Europe there is a current in favour of the installation of more nuclear power plants, with the consequent environmental degradation. As a result renewable energy subsidies will disappear. -The vast majority of countries have reduced their budgets to education with the excuse of the crisis.

-The Summit on climate change in Copenhagen was a failure because the politicians were incapable of reaching a minimum of agreement. The money needed to stop climate change were destined to save big banks and financial, the big culprits of this economic crisis. Conclusion: Is big capital that is liquidating the natural world. Is big capital that influences politicians so they follow in their abandonment to the ecology and education, because the money that should go to these matters, is employed to favor big business. Would not be more than those who have caused this economic crisis world were graced with a tax increase (for example: the green tax call) according to their big luxuries. There is another way of doing politics: help to survive those who have only what nature gives them.