President Hugo Chavez

a The best performing companies are those that support the development of its staff. And, as a return on this investment, employees build a better workplace. More and more companies see the people as the main resource and seek to empower them, to work more effectively. However, the coaching goes further and add other ingredients to the development initiative: the working life of a person is more effective if it puts into action their goals, dreams and values, both at work and the rest of his life . From here, the most important aspect of the task of coaching is to increase the understanding, control and responsibility of a person about their own life and free expression of their talents and strengths. The core of this work is that the client achieve greater consistency and integrity between work and personal life. The mission of organizational coaching is precisely align the personal pursuit of individual freedom, quality relationships and meaningful purposes, with business imperatives such as teamwork, shared mission, creativity and flexibility. To the question “Does the person or organization? “The coach replied to Venezuelan companies, our case of interest, still face serious problems in managing its human resources, all the neglect that both management and executives remain regarding the proper management of human resources, very little motivates them, empowers them, gives them opportunities for development, leading to results not very favorable for the company, where there is a lack of productivity that will allow them to enter highly competitive scenarios also a negative organizational climate, coupled with other factors that have had an impact on effectiveness laa company in its development as political and economic uncertainty currently facing, especially when there has been a turn in policy like that la the intention of the government of President Hugo Chavez of wanting to establish a Socialist who has never been used on Venezuela.