President Monroe

Mutuality is usually temporary and not mandatory. The best known example is that of cattle egrets that eat parasites of large herbivores such as cows. Both the heron as herbivore get benefit of this relationship, you get food and other parasite. 4 Would it be possible to label the U.S. as a body (state) that relates to Latin America under the policies of mutuality? From the American point of view "if" because according to them, they have always charged a deep concern for the Latin American region, trying numerous times to export to our country: freedom, peace and prosperity, through doctrines protecting freedom of America, national security policies, actions to save Central and South America "harmful" and "evil" communism through the promotion and sponsorship of devastating, but "necessary" military dictatorships, and many demonstrations of brotherly love of course we joins as continent, particularly to ensure the "mutual benefit" of the organisms that live in America.

So, to know it is an agency of the U.S. mutual relations, consider the Monroe Doctrine, which was created in response to the threat posed by the restoration of monarchy in Europe and the Holy Alliance, was synthesized later in the famous phrase "America for Americans . President Monroe said in his two most important speeches that European powers could no longer colonize the Americas, and that these should not intervene in the affairs of the newly emancipated Latin American republics. 5 This type of behavior is very similar to of cattle egrets, birds that look for the cow to remove the exploiters and parasites that live shamelessly exploited at the expense of the cows, that is, these birds do them a huge favor, because the waging of some residents who have reached steal from the poor and weak defenseless cows, while cattle egrets are benefit from this situation, this is a relationship that seeks freedom from cows from their oppressors and survival of these birds.