It has a disturbing scene, then when they arrive in the new house: the girl goes until a cave, and is scared, leaving the doll to fall in the soil. There it would have been the first meeting with ' ' friend oculto' ' , Charlie, that was new persona created by the father, with a total diverse attitude of the one of it. In the principle, Charlie was legal, according to girl, seemed with the mother of it. Of beginning, was a trick, a game. From then on, the film is confused, warm. The father of the girl was psychologist, therefore, he could not diagnosis it.

But at some moments, we see making this, writing down its impressions in a notebook the same. The flashes (scenes) show as the behavior of that father were being modified. One persona potential and deeply disturbing. It was as if the lens of the director was entering in the unconscious one of the main personage. We learn, when studying Psychology, or to see films of this type, that stops understanding the functioning of the unconscious one, we have to analyze and to understand our proper dreams, our proper acts defective and reasons because we commit our lapses and deceits. Freud said that the destructive trends of the man sprout of a shady side of the soul. what we see, during all the film, is the shady mind of the main personage acting. Another intention of the director was to create an emotional climax in the viewer in such way that it finishes, at some moments, confusing it on who age the such ' ' friend oculto' ' of menininha: she would be one creature of the shades? Or a creation of the mind of it? Of the way it film in ahead only is that it has concrete tracks in this direction.