Public Administration

Member of the Evangelical Church became a believer after the adoption of water Baptism in conscious age. Newborn infants as parents bring believers into a church to pastor’s blessing and prayers of the whole Church. When children grow up, they can attend Sunday school, where learning Gospel Principles, play, draw, are learning nursery rhymes and songs about God. The important role of evangelical Christians (and Orthodox and Catholic) assign the sacrament of communion – take bread and wine (grape juice) symbolizing is broken body and blood of Christ, will give for the salvation of the faithful. In many Russian evangelical churches are creative service – held music concerts, theatrical performances are being prepared for Christian themes. Parishioners and priests of churches lead a healthy lifestyle – do not use alcohol, drugs, do not smoke, carry out sports events, youth outreach camps and hikes through the picturesque corners of the country.

One of the basic values of evangelical Christians – a family. In many communities there are special courses to prepare young people for meaningful marriage. Regularly holds conferences and ministry for couples. The church stands for chastity, fidelity and devotion of parents. During the sacrament of the wedding the couple have concluded a formal marriage, are blessed parents, pastor and church. Evangelical community also provides charitable aid to large, incomplete and low-income families spend work with families in which there are dependent people. Due to such active work with families, evangelical churches are very low divorce rate.

As we know, Protestantism has had a profound influence on the development of economy in many developed countries. On the Protestant work ethic written many books and textbooks. In the Russian evangelical churches, parishioners are calling for honest responsible work, develop their potential and respect for superiors and representatives of the government. Today in Russia, like many countries in Europe and America, to create a community of believers businessmen who sponsor various charity programs, and provide jobs parishioners, past rehabilitation or released from prison. In addition, many churches held workshops in which believers entrepreneurs share their experience of doing business, following biblical principles. Many members of evangelical Churches say that it is in the church they began to reflect on his vocation, God have prepared, acquired values of life and began to develop personally, to obtain the necessary knowledge, skills and experience in those areas they are most similar. Today, many Russian scientists, sociologists, historians and religious scholars say Protestants contribution to Russian culture and history. In particular, specialists of the Department of Religious Studies of the Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation noted: “casting a glance into the depths of Russian history and knowing that the Protestant churches and unions now occupy the second largest number of communities and the third the number of adherents of a place in the confessional-color picture of our country, we should recognize that while Protestantism in Russia – a phenomenon that certainly younger than Orthodoxy and Islam, mainly brought about with West, and his contribution to the construction of Russian culture and statehood, certainly not commensurate with the contribution and the historical role of Orthodoxy, this trend has existed in Russia for at least 400-500 years old, and it would be a mistake to put it out Russian culture and Russian traditions.