Public Council Business

Sell your business when it invested so much, funds, and hope when it is a source of income? Who's hand will rise and who will buy a "normal" money? And what remains? Of course, each issue will resolve itself, but how it will turn back to small business whole? I have a sad outlook on the matter. On the one hand, opening markets to foreign producers and service providers will create better conditions for competition. Russia, a few lazy business have podnapryachsya. Accordingly, the price should fall, should improve the quality of services. The Russian consumer was supposed to feel much better.

On the other hand, there is little doubt that competitive position of Russian companies and enterprises at the opening of the internal market simply collapse. There is no doubt many will miss. Swarmed by offers, Amazon is currently assessing future choices. Opponents of the WTO give quite sensible reasons. For example, the developed luring the country's economically weaker countries in the WTO and simply grab their unprotected markets. In this way they gain access to cheaper resources and reduce their own costs. Naturally, competitiveness of developed countries is growing. A weak economies and generally can not recover. The forthcoming accession to the WTO is hardly a more powerful influence than the shock changes the early 90's – systemic crisis and the inclusion of the Russian economy into the global market, accompanied by a decline in production, primarily in the non-competitive manufacturing industries and agriculture.

A similar decline unlikely. Unavoidable adverse social impacts that may be related to the restructuring of the labor market and rapid growth in energy prices. Russian market a decade – says one of the opponents entry into the WTO, Chairman of the Public Council on Russia's accession to the WTO, the Russian State Duma deputy Konstantin Remchukov – their openness, and so is constantly growing, which means to force entry into the WTO there is no need.