Twice Francoise Mitterrand, President of France, said in his codicil politician socialism ended up dealing with equity and justice only misery and poverty!, after the Berlin Wall fell and it allowed us to distinguish a real pity the weak socialist economy, which dinamito that beautiful preaching of the fair and equitable distribution of wealth, democracy is superior to the dictatorshipto autocracy? Claro que si!, but currently we live an adulterated democracy, which has lost its original principles of decency, honesty and faithfulness, that is why it has become fashionable concepts that were hiding in the dictionary as mob rule, Nutcracker, escapee, quasi-political, pages of newspapers fill them with the scenesters with his moral misery and the politicians eat chickens, kills dogsemployees bamba, El Circo and shame have become everyday! are the same puddle clay. The decay of democracy is the political expression of a model economic obsolete by abusive, exploitative, inhuman, it is therefore difficult and even impossible which is intended to humanize the neoliberalism. the policy has become a business, in a trade where its members look for the particular benefit of the social benefit, where society allows politicians to make promises that never met and there are no mechanisms to criminally prosecute this crime. General Mac Arthur do General? if the General USA! He said that aging wrinkle the skin, but the betrayal of ideals wrinkle the soul!, and history reminds Sinuhe (1200 AC) that fugitive who betrayed the Pharaoh and he joined opponents to overthrow him, the company must find mechanisms to aerate the almarios of politics!, must find a pesticide that free us from rodents, to penalize by summary laws who lie promise not fulfilled, and betray their pledges, to those who change their party by commercial reasons, those who do business taking advantage of their positions. We must compel the politicians to get a decent job and youth where is?, JP II sudden Santo!, he repeated that against this unjust and inhuman system is made necessary a new system that combines productivity with values, because society does not find mechanisms to humanize, to inject decency to the system, therefore the executive powers, legislative are cornered by quasi-political!!, politicians and few politicians. These politicians must remember to Sir Francis Bacon, Baron Verulam, which said Scire est Passe (knowledge is power), Deputy English and then a renowned Chancellor than accused of bribery, accepted its lack and resigned their posts and even more was imprisoned in the Tower of London but the Court before his apparent repentance gave him freedom on the condition that retires from active politicsfor that does not spread to the rest of legislators He accepted! He devoted himself to philosophy and is the creator of empiricism and inductive method mankind it recalls how philosopher and thinker English do many philosophers would win the Peru if our politicians and politicians they repent truly and follow their example?, should read the Social contract! Jacques Rousseau when he says that the interests of people are above the sum of the political interests of parties the day the i.t than zombies, there will be no but zetas in the alphabet and the political class is clear!