Real Marketing

For example; Ariel. Wash even what others can not afford, "Even more interesting are TSS cases to create false: often they are based on emphasizing the imaginary properties of the product. Here is an example of such a masterful stroke of the work of R. Reeves, "Tear the habit of the hot cigarette – smoke 'Cool'! In the advertisement of cigarettes Cool (in translated as "cool", a slang meaning "cool"), a play on the name of the cigarettes, contrary to the typical associations with a lit cigarette (lit cigarette – a hot cigarette). It's just a language game.

Nevertheless, this phrase is formulated USP. Opposed to all other brands of the brand of cigarettes, the ad is cemented in the minds of consumers of its distinguishing feature. This is achieved by purely linguistic, no real distinguishing feature here is not implied. Hence, it is "false" USP. In a series of experiments, R. Reeves made an important observation: its effect on the TSS (as true or false) are superior to other advertising statements, as more memorable and have greater agitation force. As shown by R. Reeves, USP provides increased implementation of the brand in people's consciousness and fall of indicators makes the competitors.

Until now strategy has many USP is recognized among the most powerful advertising strategies of rational type. For example, many of the ideas of modern technology, Real Marketing are a continuation and development of this idea Reeves. However, the literature on the advertising business, are often distorted and narrow view R.