Recoleta Buenos

Recoleta is a neighbourhood in the North-Central area of the city of Buenos Aires, known as a neighborhood of elegant or refined by its constructions of large-sized, their aristocratic cemetery and its museums and art exhibitions. It has a privileged location in the city, between the obelisk and Palermo, retirement and the waterfront. Close to all the attractions of the city, in the Centre of the tourist area and where Buenos Aires resembles Europe in many corners or cafes. It offers a variety of restaurants of first level, pubs and disks to taste and enjoy the night portena. Among the attractions of the area, is undoubtedly the Recoleta cemetery: an atypical place, with a dazzling architectural richness, from vaults until mausoleums. There lies the Argentine aristocracy, Presidents, celebrities and politicians. But the most visited grave is that of Eva Duarte de Peron (Evita), paradoxically it was a symbol for the Argentine working class and ended up resting his days in this bourgeois cemetery. Glued to the cemetery is the Basilica Nuestra Senora del Pilar, which is part of the old convent of the Recollets (from which comes the name of the neighborhood).

Front she stands the Plaza France: a green area, which on weekends is dressed in craft fair to the delight of locals and foreigners, with musical performances and great cultural activity. In this area you can also visit the Centro Cultural Recoleta, with travelling exhibitions. The Palais de Glace is a splendid cultural Palace, exhibiting works of art, music or film. Buenos Aires Design, a complex where furniture, decoration and design combined a visit not to be missed. The Museum of fine arts, is another must-see, with excellent works by local artists of great painters like Goya, Monet or Rembrandt. Directing us in the north direction, move us into the parks of la Recoleta, where we found the public library, with a stunning and modern construction. The sculpture of the rose, a new mobile sculpture, of more than 20 meters high, that closes and opens depending on the Sun.

MALBA (Museum of Latin American art of Buenos Aires), also new to the city, offers from its architecture to its exhibitions and samples, one option more interesting to visit. It is also a neighborhood for shopping, by the Avenida Alvear, or Santa Fe Avenue, find the most distinguished brands, bookstores and art collectors. Without a doubt, Recoleta represents a part of the city, the europeizada part, upper-class, which also encloses that part that like the Buenos Aires show in your city. An unmissable experience. Where to stay in Recoleta for a complete list of apartments, Hostels, Bed & Breakfast and residences accommodations in Recoleta click here.