Regional Registration

Joint statement by the father and mother to establish paternity may be served as the state registration of birth, and after the state registration of birth. In a joint statement on establishing paternity acknowledgment of paternity is confirmed by a person who is not married to the mother of the child and consent of the mother to establish paternity. In establishing paternity after the state registration of birth at the same time a joint declaration establishing paternity appears on the birth certificate. In the regional offices registrar there are forms to fill in for the procedure to voluntarily establish paternity, the application must contain all necessary data.

In this case e recommend that customers get the application form in advance. If parents can not simultaneously appear in the registry office and file a joint statement, the expression of one parent may be expressed in a “personal statement in written form, “and his signature must be notarized necessarily. In this case, as in the case of a joint statement, the statement must be necessary for the registrar the person submitting it, so you should contact the registrar for an explanation of what exactly they want to get a statement, not to go to a notary public a few times, because not all notaries are equally make such claims. I have my client, that worrying about his health, fear of unintended consequences, and fear that, God forbid, will not survive the birth process..