Republic Buildings

This article will be interesting to fans of historical and architectural attractions, because there will talk about the Kremlin in Kazan. Kazan Kremlin is interesting and different to other similar structures that combines both Orthodox and Muslim buildings (by the way, the same can be said about the city as a whole). Kazan Kremlin appeared at about the same time that Kazan was founded, namely the 10th century. Was the administrative center Kazan principality, as well as the fortified citadel. In the mid-16th century, when Russia becomes a strong country, the troops of Ivan the Terrible captured Kazan, with all the buildings were destroyed by the Kremlin. Stoyatsya new buildings for that were sent here the best architects. In those days, was erected several Orthodox churches. Other buildings were built later, such as the Governor's Palace.

In 1994, the Kremlin established State Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve "Kazan Kremlin." There is also the residence of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, which gives the Kremlin an excessive formality. To know more about this subject visit Connecticut Senator. It attracts tourists from Russia, as well as from other countries who visited Kazan. Magnificent architectural ensemble of the Kremlin is impressive and long stays in memory. On the territory and is quite a modern landmark, a mosque Kul-Sharif. It was built in 1995, in order to reproduce existed here before the old mosque.

An old mosque was destroyed during the city's capture by troops of Ivan the Terrible. It is believed that some features of this cult structures were taken during construction of St. Basil's Cathedral on Red Square. Built in the late 20th century building performs educational functions – there are museum exhibitions devoted to Islamic culture. Prayers are also held only on major Muslim holidays. Kul Sharif mosque is a building with four minarets. It is named in honor of the ancient rulers of Kazan Khanate Kul-Sharif. With a Muslim building adjacent to the Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation. Once on the site was a wooden church, which according to legend, was built in a day. Later erected a stone cathedral, which survives today and is One of the main attractions of the Kremlin. Later on it several times and finishing work altered. For example, when the Emperor Nicholas I visited Kazan – he ordered the council to expand. Now the Annunciation Cathedral part of the museum. An interesting sight, as well as the symbol of Kazan – Syuyumbike tower. Kazan was the name of the queen, who lived at the time of the capture of Ivan the Terrible. According to legend, the king was astonished her beauty and wished to take his wife. And received the answer that Syuyumbike agree, if the king will build on the territory of the Kremlin's tallest tower in just one week. Ivan the Terrible complied with the request, but the queen was not going to become his wife. She climbed to the tower and threw off her. Noteworthy is also a tower that is "falling." After the restoration work has been prevented further decline. More information can be found here: