1. 945, October 18: With the degree of Major, MPJ takes part in the overthrow from President Isaiah Medina Angarita. 1. 948, November: it has responsibility in the Galician overthrow of President Rmulo. Like Minister of Defense, Integra the Military junta Government, presided over by the Thin Major Carlos Chalbaud, with Luis Llovera Pez like Minister of Inner Relations.

1. 950, November 13: Carlos Thin Chalbaud, the quick man who was fiance’ elections (that is to say, the possibility that the government returned at the hands of civilians), it is assassinated. One takes responsibility general Rafael Simn Urbina, who soon puts in a home itself in the embassy of Nicaragua, it is given and it been, finally, assassinated by members of Seguridad Nacional (SN), also dying with him the condition of the described witness more in the Chalbaud subject. 1. 950, November 27: Eleven days later, by virtue of the political crisis provoked by magnicidio, the denomination changes ” Meeting of Gobierno” and the Military High Command appoints President to the lawyer Germa’n Surez Flamerich, conserving MPJ and Llovera Pez its positions, with the particularitity of which MPJ accumulates more power and control.

The effects of such facts (death of Chalbaud and major to be able of MPJ) are made feel: it assumes Pedro Estrada like Director of the SN, a man of the complete confidence of MPJ; the political persecution intensifies, is created the concentration camp Guasina, is assassinated the Leonardo leader Ruiz Pineda, are suspended the university classes. The military as divided to politician and failure 1. 952, November 30: Jvito Villalba, by Partido Unin Republicana Democrtica (URD), is winning in the general elections to which the Governing body was forced to call (elections to choose deputies to the Constituent Assembly).