Thus overcoming the common position defining peasant armed demonstrations by what they say political leaders. It thus comes at a propitious point to assess how the story has certain contemporary conflicts. This taking into account the obstacles that arose, such as shortage of financial resources, with which it had when starting the investigation, as though no one touched several doors refused to commit to funding. Hence, this work has developed practically as we say colloquially, "with nails." Other obstacles that were seen as almost insurmountable obstacles were, that on one hand, the documents were more limited than expected, because when you analyze the documents found, it was necessary to discard the majority since it would distinguish the true from the false, because the interests of those involved contaminated or distorted information of events, or was necessary to discover the hidden part of every speech, on the other, the inhabitants of the populations studied were elusive in the sense that the old preferred not to speak with depth of the subject, while the younger ones were not interested . Anyway, this research was a good challenge, which clashed with the information and documents to which they had access. 14 1. GEOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORY CHARACTERIZATION OF CHAPARRAL AND Rioblanco The implementation and further development of guerrilla warfare and banditry in the municipalities of Chaparral and Rioblanco was in favor of the geographical features of southern Tolima region, located on the central mountain range, in where there is lush tropical vegetation that is needed for guerrilla fighting. .