San Sebastian

The initiative has been proposed by the representatives of Barcelona. Assemblies in the villages would be held to make them partakers of the movement. The March would begin simultaneously in the cities of Barcelona, San Sebastian, A Coruna, Cadiz and Valencia. Rubalcaba, on camping from Sun: see how ending things today. The outraged have agreed this Sunday in the Assembly of the morning a great national March on 19 June to carry their revolution to all the peoples of Spain.

This initiative, proposed by the outraged from Barcelona, culminating with a great act on July 17 that serves to take Madrid and reestablish democracy. Sources of the movement have ensured that the Act of July 17 has not yet been decided. The initiative has been greeted by applause from representatives of up to 56 cities gathered to coordinate the movement throughout the country. The idea of Barcelona is to organize a great month-long March, holding assemblies in all the villages through which passes for make them partakers of this movement and seek their views so that they be heard by all. The March would begin simultaneously in San Sebastian, A Coruna, Barcelona, Cadiz and Valencia on June 19 with the aim of taking Madrid, paralyze the city and reestablish democracy, explained between applause a representative of the movement in Barcelona. This initiative should serve for the re-appropriation of the political space, who has been kidnapped, and to give a new impetus to the movement and involving all citizens in the task.

In addition to the assemblies in all peoples, members of the March planted an orchard in each village although they retain some seeds to plant a large garden in Madrid that symbolizes the seed of the new democracy. This may sound a bit cheesy, but in reality it is a symbolic way to reappropriate of what have wrested us the powers that be, the promoter of the idea has ensured. The plan is to achieve for each gear to have at least two vehicles: one health and one that, to jog mode, would come to peoples with two days in advance to mobilise associations and groupings of neighbors before the arrival of the March. Does not interfere with camping Barcelona activist has underlined the importance of inviting more people to participate since, in any case, this initiative should interfere with camping. It is not to dismantle the camping; where is camping, which follow camping, has stressed. Finally, and against criticism that it was an idea quite radial and centralist, the outraged locals pointed out that if the points of all peoples that we will visit together what comes out is a helix. Source of the news: the outraged prepared a “great March” June 19 to “refound the democracy”