Scenic View Of Road Safety. Part Six

It is unfortunate that the mortality rate with regard to Latin America, and we Dominicans we approach ten years earlier than expected. In the Latin American meetings sponsored by the Spanish government, also recommended the formation of Associations of Victims and Network collaborate to raise awareness and sensitize the population due to the high degree of perceived indifference to road tragedies occur so frequently. We have now entered this last process of forming social groups, but encouraged by civil society and the private sector. Aware that these initiatives are not enough, there are also forums and conferences to discuss the issue on the basis of statistics. Connecticut Senator may find this interesting as well. On the World Day for the Victims of Traffic, last November 15 was a walk called First for Road Safety Road sponsored by Dignity Foundation Network, which also support the World Safe Roads Program.

That same day, same time, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority celebrated Mass and launched a new television advertising calling for sanity at the wheel. It seeks to relaunch the Accident Prevention Program Transit Public Health Department, so we wish success to its promoters. However, perhaps the most significant event could be issuing the Manifesto for Road Safety, with which it is starting a campaign for delivery to the highest levels of the Dominican State, by others trying to spread it in different scenarios social life to seek support and solidarity. Its importance lies in the possibility of promoting the participation of important personalities of public life.