School Education

Preparing children for school can be an intense, difficult and long, even more so for those facing this situation for the first time. The children, from birth "are like sponges that are collecting a range of information, useful or not everything that surrounds them. If we understand that parents are the primary educators of their children then it is easier to carry out this task. Create the foundation for a better education, their children, beginning with parents to understand that the best way to teach is how they like to do "Playing", let them take the lead in that activity they want to perform, impose a set of rules so that they not be pressured and provide them with a large number of materials for cognitive development. Encourage play which involved the colors, numbers and letters, to identify family members, objects, ask for help to choose products on the market by naming them, induce them to explain situations in which they are involved make your mind spread and can understand much better in the future, activities will be assigned at school. Children will be better thinkers when they are active participants in their own learning. Are you promoting in your home education of your child active? Do you understand the importance of reading 10 minutes daily? Do you understand the need for discipline, respect of timetables for each activity, and organization at home? All this is necessary to begin the second phase of your child's education, this will achieve better results and excel.