Searching For A New Future

The errors are typically paid expensive in all walks of life. Making mistakes is an endemic problem, which often can not avoid. Jim Donovan Goldman wanted to know more. Intelligence makes mistakes, but to prepare us to correct same intelligence: that is to be smart. These political and economic mistakes that leaders mundane “their governments” have gotten us, have resulted, predictably, in a recession or economic depression worldwide: Now, inevitably, have to go in search of a new economic future -political, we remove all the peoples of the world negro where we contractions.

Perhaps it was an error starting the Iraq War (costly in economic and, above all, what is worse, life …), maybe it was a mistake to instill in our minds a false politics a of fear for the country , maybe it was a mistake “committed by our Repartee ” the follow and practice the economic system and politicos “both leave the universal ” represented by the United States, Western Europe, Japan, England and its colonies … consisting of free market, with which I agree, but they forgot to teach that men should not live for ever beyond our means, we need to save for the coffers of the States can respond strongly to unexpected contingent: war motivated by the war, many times, economical ambitions that certain men have in their brains and, sometimes, hatred and desire for revenge that we are able to violate other human beings like us, and their own meat.