Second House In Torredembarra

A second home is an investment for those who have the purchasing power to buy it. It is a vacation spot mainly, and perhaps might be your House when you retire, but if you need to sell it in the future, its value will be greater. In addition, in these times housing has fallen much the price compared to other years since many people can not buy, this being the best moment for the purchase of a second home. It is important to note that the second House is like a second home during the holidays, you cannot depend on anyone since the floor is yours, you can go whenever you want and you can have things you want throughout the year there. An apartment in Torredembarra is an excellent alternative for second home, since it is a municipality in which you will enjoy a great tranquility, away from the algarabio and the stress of the city, besides the price of housing is much lower, and the houses tend to be best.

It is ideal as a second home for someone who lives in Barcelona, 100 km, it is a good place for holidays with much charm and you can go at any time since the distance is not very large. In reality, an apartment in Torredembarra is a good option for anyone. It is an area with much variety, since it is composed of seven segments of population, including an urban nucleus, a protected zone (Els Muntanyans, lovely), an industrial park, three residential areas and a coastal area. In Castle or Palace which was built at the beginning of the 17TH century gives charm to the area, apart from its variety of flora and fauna. Other interesting sites to tourist and artistic level with the Tower of la Vila, Villa del Moro, Antoni Roig Street, Far, the parish church of San Pedro Apostol and many more places. Buy a house in Torredembarra as second home is undoubtedly a good idea.