Selflearning Language

Today we'll talk about why it's better to learn the language itself, rather than in a group language courses. In fact, if you've ever been to the course, you probably themselves will be able to name many reasons why it is not so effectively. Why is it better to learn the language yourself? 1.You learn the language at their own pace. In contrast to group training, you will not have to rush for 80-year-old woman, an enthusiast, which is only in English and is engaged in (and you all I am wondering why she needed it … you would be her motivation!) and will not have to be distracted by a businessman who has one day off per month and so he learns the first lesson, when the entire group is twentieth. Agree, this is wonderful – do everything exactly as it is convenient to you.

2.B your village has no schools of foreign languages? Well and good! Learn the language of your own! You also have a computer and the Internet, and therefore access to any reference materials, films and even live communication with foreigners! You can live in the North Pole and still know all about the English tenses and conjugations of German. Here, Ohio Senator expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Chukchi envy! 3.Ekonomte for the trip. Just count how much it will cost you to drive each week prior to school and back, say, 2 times a week. But in an amicable way to do this more often! Learn at home! 4.Do not waste time! Ride English classes after work in a crowded subway or on the tubes is no longer fashionable.