Shave Itself

The men must shave themselves every day before going away to work and, generally, its face is completely irritated. In order to obtain afeitarte without irritation, I give next the following tips you: It soaks your face with hot water, not as much that you burn yourself, so that the pores are abran, the hairs soften and facilitates the shaved one to you. I recommend to you to do it after ducharte. To do it while you shower to you is not very recommendable, because you can be cut and darte does not count of the result until later, when your skin already is as if a cat had scratched you. He is recommendable to exfoliar the face before shaving itself, to obtain shaving much more to the evenness.

You can use a soap or exfoliation lotion while you bathe, so that you are with a completely clean skin. In the market you can find several alternatives, for example: Clean& to clear Microgrnulos de Face Limpieza, owns micro flexible grains that promote the slight exfoliation of the skin removing the excess of grasitud, died impurities and cells, that can obstruct pores. Also you can to use Nivea for they men energizante exfoliation Gel, his energizante formula with micro exfoliation particles, extracts of mint, vitamin and minerals, clean in depth the dirt and the impurities releasing the obstructed pores, smooth the skin eliminating the died cells, stimulate the renovation of the own skin. A well illuminated calm atmosphere and is fundamental to obtain afeitarte without irritation. In addition you must count on a mirror for verte while you shave yourself and not to be as if you had been attacked by felines. It uses a machine to shave of multiple laminae on the humid face.

You do not use them more than four times, coverall if you have a heavy beard, since the laminae without edge favor the irritation. In the market you will find different types from machines to shave, I recommend Gillette to you Mach3Turbo, new shaved system of of triple leaf of Gillette incorporates the technology more outpost of the world in systems of shaved. You do not forget to use a good cream or gel to shave, this one facilitated shaved when having a humectada good skin and slippery. Aplcala with a brush you do so that it of way uniforms and thus you will avoid that the beard rises. First afitate in the direction of the growth of the hair and soon in opposite sense to obtain shaving more to the evenness. As soon as you have finished, clean your face and scala with a towel that is not humid. Finally, to obtain one shaved without irritation, aplcate a lotion stops after shaving without alcohol, this one will help to that your pores are closed and calms the reddening of your face. Nivea for shave men After, refreshing lotion that energiza the skin right away, avoids the tenseness after the shaved one, it protects of the irritations and inflammations to you. I hope that these advice help you to that this daily and essential routine is not a torture, but you obtain afeitarte without irritation, you have dreamed as always it.