Social Networks

Automobiles and used cars are some of the major players within the social networks currently. Facebook, Twitter and blogs are places where lovers of the motors community is very active and blogs especially have become some authentic references in the sector for both specialists and amateurs., automocionblog and many others are some of these references of the engine where users can not only Exchange routes but also ask for opinions about models and repairs or follow the news about the world of racing and engine. There are many large brands that have been uploaded to Facebook, as the German BMW that as many other companies leverage the platform currently fashionable to carry out their 360 communication campaigns. Organize games in social networks, competitions and promotions are just some of the strategies of the major brands that achieve many times thanks to creative campaigns in social networks achieve great popularity among users. And they are actual users those who give prestige to one or another brand on the internet, thanks to its consensus or less. Increasingly more users who search on blogs and social networks bargains and the best deals of motorbikes and cars and they are the real judges of actions carried out online by companies.