Social Security Worker

Diminution of the number of industrial accidents and its consequent effects detrimental for the worker. That is what Czech asks Lawyers, the office specialized in labor risks for workers in the date in which it is celebrated the World-wide Day of the Security and Health in the Work. For this reason, Czech Marta, its Director, has compiled a serious one of you rule that they are had to follow in case of suffering a mishap. Thus the things and understanding like labor accident all corporal injury that on another’s account undergoes a worker as a result of the labor tasks that is carrying out, Czech Lawyers offers the following advice: 1. – Who can protest and to whom I can protest – It can demand the affected worker and the relatives and/or people who coexist or depend economically on this one. – It is possible to be protested to the responsible company to which the worker belongs.

In addition Czech Marta, stresses that also to other parts can be protested that they could be related in the form to happen the accident and the Insurance agencies that cover the civil responsibility with these, say. 2. – What can be protested without fault of the industralist – In this case Benefits of the Social Security can be protested. – Also voluntary improvements (nonobligatory) established by the industralist through Collective Agreement, consisting of the increase until covering a 100% with the regulating base of the period of transitory incapacity and/or amount at a flat rate for supposed of death and permanent incapacities. 3. – What can be protested with fault of the industralist to exist lack of health and safety measures – The benefits of Social Security and voluntary improvements previously indicated can be protested as well as the surcharge of benefits of the Social Security, following the gravity of the enterprise action, that suppose it increases between a minimum of 30% until a maximum of 50% , adds person in charge of Czech Lawyers.