Speed Bump

Decision on application of road markings, installation of signs or traffic lights take the traffic police and traffic police only. Prepare a draft traffic situation in the new area, it requests a special project organizations. Does it, for example, " or MosgortransNIIproekt. When planning a new street, then at the stage of urban design experts of these companies estimate traffic flows, the way the alleged pedestrian traffic, the traffic of public transport. Based on these data, developed the overall concept of movement on the street and, accordingly, provides the road signs and markings. However, design on paper and project implementation – are completely different things. In reality, occur and blemishes: the sign is not there, then there is no traffic lights, then counting prohibits leave the yard.

You can correct the situation yourself, take the initiative. Of course, it is understood that change the layout on Kutuzov Avenue, or to achieve the installation of traffic lights on the highway you Rublevskom unlikely, but here's a small street near your house changes are quite possible. Bring to the fastest way to solve the problem – to know about it to the authorities in the course initiated by themselves share. Over the past five years, the traffic police of the capital three times participated in the All-Russian campaign, entitled "Control – road sign. " In the past year, from 1 to June 20, Muscovites could call a special phone and report unwanted and interfering with their point of view of road signs.