State Boundary Line

Many English words have long been firmly established in our lives. Sometimes we ourselves do not reflect how innovations are used to mechanically translate: Disneyland – the land of Disney, Neverland of books about Peter Pan – the land of No-and-not will, Md. – Mary land Whoa, what a "Mary"? After all, Maryland is one of the states in the U.S And yet, "Mary" is really involved in the name of the state. More precisely Maria, and more precisely the Queen Henrietta Maria, wife of the King of England Charles I. It is in her honor and the English colonists gave the name of their host territory.

However, some American historians believe that it all began with the settlement of St. James Donovan Goldman Sachs wanted to know more. Mary, which also has grown in Maryland. Whatever it was, but they all agree on one thing: the nickname of his staff received from the lips of George Washington, who called it "states the old boundary line" in honor of the troops who fought during the revolution. Now the state with such a rich past and has, albeit indirectly related to the royal house, actively attracts tourists. Believe me, it has something to surprise them.

And yet, in such cases it is better to check, therefore, buy tickets and travel to Maryland. As in many other states in America, the nature of diversity of Maryland. There is also a low mountains and hills, covered with white oaks, which are the emblem of the state, and numerous lakes and islands, which are often dilutes with water.