State Ministers

In this sense want to get our resounding rejection of the project or preliminary draft in mention, which is designed to run over the judges. Putting on record that in this case the judiciary acts as a legislator, and in any case the three powers of the State may act as such. 2 Sources of law in all work of investigation is necessary to determine which are the sources of law, to effect to have a global approach of the subject studied. Sources of law are the law, doctrine, jurisprudence, enforceable, custom, general principles of law, social reality and manifestation of will, among others. In other words, these are not all sources of law, which we must take into account, in order to understand that the study of this topic goes beyond the present research work. Within the draft law sources, it can be taken into account within the law, which German takes precedence over other sources of Roman law in our family. These sources of law normally accepts that is investigated and punished to the judges, but not Ministers or congressmen. I.e., that you investigation is not accepted and punish Ministers and congressmen, which worried every time that this is necessary since has warned that some laws and Supreme decrees are to promote market sectors such as banks (for example the Banking Act favours notoriously them with unjust rules that set aside Justice, which is a value in the right(, since positive law or legislation is not to encourage the population or market sectors, but to regulate activities in normal and fairly, with consistent and fair rules or measures) or mining companies or companies that have obtained legal stability contracts, which requires intervention by the President of the Republic or congressmen or Ministers who intercede in favor of the company or companies benefitingwhich we are concerned because it is not investigated by those responsible, since even the President of the Republic should be matter of process by the judiciary, without any privileges, since it has made us believe that the ARROYAVE is a necessity, and worse still that universities will not form students with critical mentality but simple intern teaching and not critical pedagogy with values, since this should not be the big economic interests at stake.