Student Development

To help each pupil to develop in its singularity, being respected its to learn. The educational innovation, when breaching the paradigms that support the way exculpatory of to teach and considering the emancipation of the educational process. Vygostsk, affirms that ' ' the education is for all, of the skill that is better for each one. Inclusive education in the society as a whole, not only in escola.' ' The education systems must register all the pupils, fitting the schools to be organized for the attendance to educating with educational necessities special, assuring the necessary conditions for an education of quality for all (MEC/SEE/SP. 2001) The convention of Guatemala that occurred in 1999, promulgated in Brazil for Decree n 3956/2001, affirms that all have the same rights, independent of any special necessity. The objective of the educational politics is to implement challenges to take care of to the educational necessities of all the pupils.

I begin constitutional more foresees it the equality of conditions for the access and permanence of the raised levels of education. The quarrel on the pertaining to school integration of pupils with deficiency comes if intensifying since the last decades in Brazil in the world. The thought and action are to include all the individuals in a society in which the diversity is if becoming more normal of what exception. In the Scandinavian countries, the idea of that all carrying person of deficiency would have the inalienable right to try a style, or standard of living appeared, that would be common or normal in its culture. It would mean that all the members of a society would have to be supplied equal chances to participate in common activities those partilhadas for groups of ages equivalents. To assure education for all, with quality of education, requires to verify if the system keeps coherence between the inclusive speech it practises and it, providing adequate conditions of attendance with the deficient ones.