Switzerland enjoys the respect of their discretion in monetary affairs an outstanding reputation worldwide. Especially for German, it is possible for more than 20 years to complete a small loan without Schufa information or a subsequent notification to the Schufa. These loans are known to us as a Swiss credit or credit without Schufa. Meanwhile, the loan-seekers the opportunity to submit an application online, and to handle. Credit conditions for the special credit loan without Schufa course, is also lending a loan without Schufa only under certain conditions. Thus the age of the applicant must be between 18 and 58 years are. Continues to be a permanent employment relationship, there is a least one year, is required. The monthly salary must be deposited in a checking account. Through payroll and bank statements, the information must be documented. Another prerequisite is the height of the attachable net income, which depends on the number of people unhaltsberechtigten. The borrower mustthe German nationality. On loan without Schufa is a small loan, because the loan amount is a maximum of 3,500 euros, the term is always 40 months, leaving the firm and low monthly payments manageable for the borrower. If you meet all the conditions is nothing in the way of lending and the loan amount is Postbar made upon presentation of identity card. Your bank also learns nothing from this credit. You can freely use the money, so the amount can be spent just for the current account balance, or for purchases. Credit without Schufa be settled, however, not only about Switzerland, but also from other financial service leaders from Germany and awarded abroad. This credit amount is not limited. Some suppliers already impose a processing fee in advance, regardless of a positive credit decision. Others charge a commission of the requested loan amount. These are the so-called black sheep among the intermediaries. So look out for when choosinga supplier that for you, up to the decision has no costs. On the Internet there are enough suppliers to process the credit application for a loan without Schufa free.