Chronic Wise Person

My grandfather Miguel was judge of peace in the Judicial district of Mantenpolis for more than forty years. It arrived at the region when all age kills closed. In the exercise of its duty much thing happened, funny and others nor in such a way. The peace judge today is known only as that one that functions in the marriages. In a land where he did not have judge and the commission agent was any one nominated one for the governor, the peace judge also intermediated conflicts and was respected for all, also for polices. Current thing age to arrive at the house of v Miguel and finds it talking with the parts.

The questions that more the presence of the peace judge demanded if related to the rights and duties I marry of it. My grandfather received the plaintiff and ordered one cartinha for the defendant, marking the day of the meeting in its house. It passed a discomposure in the pombinhos they even so ordered and them, desiring peace until the next one fights. When it did not have solution, to prevent worse thing, Miguel Briti appeared in the house of the couple to function as a species of I decide. Tralhas of house and the cloths of bunda they are with the woman. The man is with the horse, the kid and the nut with five pigs. The hens we go to divide the half one half.

As everything could not run a thousand wonders, the solution could be hanging because of a harvest of maize, a hen carij, Certain etc. occasion v Miguel fought so that a man appeared in the city to give satisfaction complains on them of its wife. Letters, messages and nothing. The woman went until the house of vov and said that the man was drunk to fall. She did not have one day where the violent husband did not drink his alcohol.