American Industry

The global economic crisis recasts the trend in the manufacture of vehicles, including automobiles, constituting the largest amount. This is particularly seen in the segment of large cars. This concept may very well be applied to American manufacturing cars and some of the models today in production in Europe. The influence of the price of the oil, which is handled in political form, the contamination of the environment and any other factor that let’s you do think about the need to manufacture automobiles, perhaps of lesser size, but surely less consumption. The bailout of the American auto industry policy, cannot be only a palliative to continue producing more than the same thing. The salvage costs the States breathtaking sums and that aid must come a restatement of the models acompaniada to produce. It is obvious that the alternative optima and available so far is that of vehicles hybrids and electric, that while they are at an early stage have a front of a long and promising path of development and production.You can not leave of side that in the future may aparaecer ways different propulsion and also alternative fuels, but the idea is to orient the automotive industry in this direction.