Getting Out the Vote

Those that have not fulfilled their obligation to monitor in the way in which we instruct them to do can cause a great deal of confusion. “Time-voters, controlling political corruption for which we are going on: the 8111 municipal allegedly available to Spain, or some of them are in debt over the limits of the law: these are set at 110% of their income. Of course: the mayors of our municipalities have the power to appoint their own emoluments. Amazing! Everyone knew it and little or nothing was done about it: There is more to go and wait. Wait and see when politicians come out of these luxury buildings where they settle the Spanish regions (in number seventeen, which exist in our “poor Spain.”) Guys and Dolls elegantly dressed as ever thought, with the first alpaca clothing, with models ‘loewe “the latter means all, of course, latest models, and paid for with taxpayers’ money Spanish. Nice picture I describe! They are certainly stories to keep you awake.

And again one again: Maybe today I have raised with the left foot. And I say more: I know why there are political / as honest / as in our Spanish geography: I doubt not, of course! But went on to say: I know that democracy, as least bad form of government, must be addressed by politicians, but I prefer the latter are honest and honest. I know how to accept that our fledgling democracy born in 1978, and we all know, we had to accept the establishment of 17 autonomous regions and two autonomous cities (Ceuta and Melilla), which have proved to be, economically speaking, disastrous for Spain and its citizens.