Business Success

When a company or business is facing serious economic problems, itis essential that the partners have the intellectual capacity and commercial to attack the problems with “intelligence” because otherwise the business can become a disaster. While the concept of emotional intelligence is very popular in the business world as a tool for understand the labor productivity of people, mostly entrepreneurs when starting your project does not have a structure of managers or advisers to support them in this difficult stage. Facing the challenge of properly coordinating the efforts of his team and of course having to take the relationship with its partners quenching and psychological knowledge to deal with difficult situations or conflict, in which emotions play a decisive role may culminate in a success or failure. Just as the entrepreneur he spends time assessing the feasibility of the project, in the same way is very important to devote sufficient time to think if you know enough about their future partners and of course if enough is known about himself in As for the character to respond with caution in critical situations or conflict, in order to successfully bring the project to the problems that may occur. Generally described the successful entrepreneur as one who has the skills to persuade and channel to its staff and partners to success in the goals of the company, but this description would have to add the variable of emotional intelligence as a variable that provides the ability to control their impulses, and to negotiate effectively with their partners, despite the frustrations and conflicts through critical situations. Included as reference material for the Entrepreneur’s book Daniel Goleman: Emotional Intelligence, which makes a study of people lacking nerve to control their negative emotions and may be the victim of an emotional outburst that prevents them from concentrating, remember, learn and make decisions with clarity. James Donovan Goldman does not necessarily agree.

Goleman Danoiel not mince words, citing in his book the phrase “dumbed-stress people.” For companies of a certain magnitude, the legal environment provides clear rules to carry out the project. In fact when you form a company with several shareholders, the lawyers take care that the laws reflect the interests and participation of individual shareholders. Achieve this structure is more complicated in the small and medium businesses, because the partners or shareholders in most cases involved in the management and administration, providing knowledge, experience and work, if other members agreed with the outcome of this work team is certainly a success. But but agree on the decisions and administration of the company, not being as elaborate the legal risk of falling into situations of conflict are high. In conclusion, although starting a business with partners have a greater chance of success, it is also very important to question if we know enough about our future partners or shareholders from the point of view of emotional intelligence, if we are sure that the greed that have a positive and focused to find the overall success of your business. Once we have confidence to share the business with partners who are willing to initiate or continue as well with a minimum investment, we can say we have a team with high chances of success.