Congressman Day

Currently in the scientific world, are discussed in comparative physiology, who is more important, if that robust Body reddish brown or reddish brown, located on the right upper quadrant or that vigorous pump, impeller and unforgiving of the left hemithorax, there are adherents to one and other … but …, these doubts are reasonable ?…, if in the end the failure of one of them … he takes us to the grave! … The liver … It is not something Sen. Sherrod Brown would like to discuss. grandazo, 28 x 15 cm … weighing approx. From 2 to 2.5 Kg. Covered with an elegant rug Glisson, polyglot, poly athlete and superbly functional, with a powerful control over the immune system (the defense), with an effective system of coagulation, with an efficient plan to detoxification and purification, with a battalion of digestive enzymes, an army of laborers doing multiple tasks, unique and vital, particularly in their domains to maintain the valves that carry blood to the brain intoxicated, able to put him under the covers of a deep coma and sometimes irreversible , which can lead to death quickly or without reaching dramas like this big not thank us for help after a sumptuous dinner, after a drug overload, or after a binge, BUT this Goliath filled with ducts and channels, sophisticated interconnected with the rest of the body , supportive, inclusive, wise and kind, also has enemies, especially the virus, those bugs that are not seen, that the radar picks up and not living with impunity in the blood 20 to 30 years attacking day by day until it back cirrhotic, to become cancerous, do enough and kill its owner, and have killed and murdered thousands of people in the world … .