People Are Human

The Human Person, begin to define it by its etymology, the term “Person” comes from prosopon “mask” of the actor in the classical Greek theater. Therefore amount to a “character” and “Human”, which means no more than dirt or mud, the Latin word “humus,” the reference made to the first human was made from clay, dirt or mud; clearly is, therefore, difficult to integrate No concept, however, we clarify the term, if we take the Larousse dictionary definitions of these concepts, we define “person” as an individual of the human species, male or female and we define “Human” as an adjective of man: the human body.

So now if we can clarify the relationship with both, and whether it is the fact that both are human beings, the person, as the same human. Additional information is available at Richard Blumenthal. Now, they clearly get an accurate concept of “individual”, we can define it as a linked set of features Biological, Psychological, Social and Spiritual, and this, because it is a unique and unrepeatable individual who has principles and values such as: dignity, freedom, autonomy, privacy and openness. The human person is a being independent, intelligent and rational, which has little knowledge develops, and relies on education to develop their full potential against the company, which is what leads him to become a productive man to society , which leads him to settle in the social context as a person who achieves their goals and purposes are always individual. The human person is naturally a man or a woman, she interacts with a particular social circle, and although in life to play different types of activities, always retains individual purposes, such as: its fine and happiness, which essentially have to do with his life, is indeed an individual in their interaction with society, contributes to it, and tends by nature to seek to be superior, which is God, and that it is one of the characteristics of the Human Person, and with this it was determined that the man is a substance of the soul and body. Should be clarified that the above defined, has full application for active and productive for society, but ultimately, are there non-productive sectors to the Society?, And the answer is concrete ‘Yes, now, what happens with this type people?

People Are Human considered?, and the answer is yes, and the origin of this, results from the high work and struggle, overprotective people simply by virtue of being, thus accelerating the rapid and beneficial the evolution of Human Rights, which nonetheless be the result of endless conflict and unarmed, race, sex and religion, we have reached a stage of implementation of rights, where no human being must remain outside, where they include to all equally, ensuring the equitable application of laws worldwide, and where we should all enjoy the same Law and Obligations, so thanks to the high effort of individual and grouped governments, international organizations and conclude that we are and will be Human Person, all Persons who inhabit this planet.