Capital More Expensive

Today, “housing problem” remains one of the actual majority of the population of Moscow. Every year the real estate in the capital becomes more expensive. According to think tanks, “cheat” in prices in the capital market Real estate was over last week from 1.8 to 2%. Square meter apartment has risen in price by 100 dollars, and now costs an average of more than 4780 dollars. But Dollar is not lagging behind the U.S., although not grow at such pace. Already in early January, an apartment in Moscow have increased in price by 4% and the cost of the proposal has reached almost 5%. This is higher than in January 2006, when growth was 3.3% cent. In percentage terms we can say that since late last year metropolitan housing has risen in price by 7,8% in dollars and 7,6% in rubles. Most of this is reflected in new buildings. Since mid-January, their growth is not stopped, and now square meter in modern monolith-brick house will be perceptibly 5206 dollars. According to experts, they were expecting a jump in prices, but they think it should have happened in the spring or a little earlier. All this contributed to several causes. One of them was the so-called “pent-up demand, which formed last year.

Also important are the rumors of a denomination that denies politics and the upcoming presidential election. In addition, the stock market is unstable, so many are trying to invest their savings in real estate. It is worth noting that at today’s real estate market “free housing” in Moscow, about 10-15%, and with each passing month it becomes even greater. Realtors do not miss the opportunity to raise the price, but between to increase from 5 to 30 thousand dollars. For this reason, many transactions on the purchase is canceled. In December and early January collapsed to 90% of the contracts. Most experts fear that some predict now but converge on the opinion that before the election would be a definite increase in prices, and after perhaps a slight decline. But many also believe that in the next six months, the situation does not change much.