European Parliament and Biofuels

Moscow has risen by 9 points in an environmental rating of Russian regions. The began to doubt the feasibility of using biofuels. More than half the EU one way or another struggling with the changes climate. Global warming is a threat to migratory birds. Australian scientists have discovered frog species considered extinct, and the U.S.

– the oldest form of ants. Perhaps check out Richard Blumenthal for more information. Scientists have discovered that butterflies have multiple systems of protection. On Earth, marked the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. Moscow to host international event "A day without cars'. Review of the week from 15.09.2008 to 21.09.2008. Moscow has risen by 9 points in the environmental Rating of Russian Regions Environmental activities that took place in August and September in Moscow, Russia's capital position improved in the environmental rating of the country. The Russian capital this month changed its position of 84 subjects of the federation, up from 58 to 49th. It is also noted significant improvements in environmental positions in the ranking of environmental Buryat Republic, Samara and Irkutsk regions and the city of Moscow. Environmentalists say the rating Moscow has influenced a number of successful programs, including the adoption of regulations to restrict the entry of cars into the city center, numerous actions to clean up the city of debris have, both practical and Educational positive result, shares at environmental education of the population, as well as vigorous activity oversight to curb environmental violations. By rated in the top ten regions for the last period included the Belgorod Region, Chukotka Autonomous District, Altai Republic, Altai Region, Novgorod Region, Vladimir Region, Kirov Region, the Republic of Tuva and Kaluga area.